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Season Tickets


There are numerous benefits to purchasing season tickets:

    Significant savings on regular season tickets
    Reserved seating for all games (exhibition, regular season & play offs)
    Be a supporting member of the Wolverines
    Get an inside scoop with our new "season ticket holder newsletter" (To start in August)

To Renew or Purchase Season Tickets:

  1. Renew or Purchase tickets Electronically Here

  2. Fill out this Form and send it back to us with one of the payment options described below.

  3. Stop by the Wolverines office @ 3360-33rd (come in the front doors and up the stairs) to see Stacy and renew or purchase in person

  • Mail to: Whitecourt Wolverines, Box 2525, Whitecourt, AB  T7S 2A1 (Cheque Payable to Stark Sports Society)
  • Stop by the Wolverines Office Mon-Fri from 9am to 3pm to purchase and pay in the office
  • Email payment to
  • Credit Card/Debit (Credit Card payments are available with our credit card authorization form)
  • Automated Payment Plan (Contact Stacy to take advantage of the payment plan)
  • Purchase and pay online

Payment Plan Instructions: To take advantage of the monthly automated payment plan, contact Stacy to fill out the payment plan forms.

**You now have a choice between printed season tickets or electronic season tickets! Printed season tickets will be the same as years previous with tickets in a booklet style for each regular season game. Electronic tickets are available through your email and there is no need to print tickets, you can scan in at the door ever time. With electronic tickets you won't ever forget your tickets again, you'll have them at the touch of a button on your smart phone!

Adult: $315.00/seat

Student: $150.00/seat

Senior: $225.00/seat

Family Pack (2 adult & 2 students): $750.00

Contact Stacy for more information: 780-779-7159 or

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Season Tickets on Sale Now!

Get them before it's too late!

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